Just Say No to Flip Flops: Achieving style and comfort in summer footwear

When is the last time you saw a woman around town in flip flops and thought to yourself, “That lady really has her life together?” It’s nearly impossible to look pulled together clomping around in matching pieces of rubber.

I get it, you want something easy, and comfortable. The good news is that style and comfort don’t have to be mutually exclusive, especially when it comes to shoes. So go ahead and put those flip flops in your beach bag because the beach is the only place you’ll need them this summer. Instead, invest in a fancy flat or city sandal. Check out my recommendations below.

The flat, a.k.a. the flip flop’s grownup cousin

What to look for: Intentional styling... As in someone thought about where a strap should be and it has details like a buckle, hardware or a pop of color. Though I’m not generally a fan of branded logos on clothing, this adorably periwinkle pair of flats from Tory Burch is hard to resist. Check out more stylish options:

The City Sandal

What to look for: Its trademark square-shaped stacked heel. It’s called a “city sandal” because you can walk around in it all day as opposed to the “car-to-table” traditional spiked heel. The stacked square heel provides ankle support and stability. This short 2” Enzo Angiolini Tala Block Heel has an ankle strap for even more support. Walkable, wearable and available in red which goes with more than you think! Want more?