The Trick to a Good Highlight

   A few of my favorite highlighters


A few of my favorite highlighters

The trick to highlighting is getting the right formula, choosing the right color, and putting it in the right spot. You can highlight a lot of different areas on the face, but for now, let's talk cheek highlights. 

Step 1: Assess your skin type. Drier skins should stick with creams and liquids as powders may tend to sit up on the surface of your face giving you the dreaded overly powdered look. Combo skins can use either creams or powders, and oily skin types should opt for creams and then set with a finishing powder. (I like #coverfx Matte Powder and #Kett finishing powder.) Otherwise a highlighting powder by itself will mix with the oils in your skin creating a highlighted muddy mess. Any formula you choose should shimmer in sunlight, or if you test it on your hand you should only be able to see shimmer when you move your hand back and forth in the light. Anything with obvious shimmer won't look natural. Cue disco ball face. 

Step 2: Choose a great, natural looking color. Think about it -- the purpose of a highlight is to accentuate the parts of the face where the light hits the angles of our faces and makes us look all radiant and glowy. 

Fair skintones: Select opal (white + pearlescent) or light pink

Medium skintones: Select pink. If you have olive undertones you can head toward gold

Darker skintones: #whurdagoldat? Select rose gold for light to medium brown skin, and champagne or topaz gold for deeper brown skin. 

Smashbox Soft Lights (top); Becca Opal (left); Nars Miss Liberty (right) 

Smashbox Soft Lights (top); Becca Opal (left); Nars Miss Liberty (right) 

Step 3: Placement

See that giant brush in the picture at the top? Red herring!! That's for bronzer. 

Highlights should be placed carefully. Use your index finger and tap the bone under your eye socket. It makes a C shape up and around your eye toward your brow. That's where your cheek highlight goes. Use your finger for creams and liquids, tapping and then use a circular motion with two fingers to blend. For powders, use a large fluffy eyeshadow brush like the MAC 225. 

My rec for a one and done brush? The @narcissist Yachiyo. You can use just the tip for highlighting and the bigger sides for blush and bronzer. It is amazing. Perfect application every time. 

Happy highlighting!