Brandi is part stylist, part therapist. Both helpful.
— Amy G., Gaithersburg, MD
You could have left me alone in that store for a week, and I wouldn’t have been able to do what Brandi accomplished in 3 hours. I now have my entire professional wardrobe mapped out for spring, and the time savings alone made her fee entirely worth it.
— Liz V., Brooklyn, NY
If you’ve had the good fortune of working with Brandi, you know she’s amazing. I just did a Skype styling appointment with her and I can confidently say my life is changed, I’m smarter and better looking, and just in awe of what Brandi can do.
— Joan S., Denver, CO
Working with Brandi is great. She gets me what I need, when I need it, and I trust her. I hate shopping, and with Brandi, I don’t have to.
— Ned A., New York, NY
I had hip surgery and was out of commission for a while. By the time I got back on my feet I’d gained weight, nothing fit, and getting dressed for work in the mornings was miserable. Brandi listened to my concerns, and told me she deals as much in confidence as she does in style. Walking into a dressing room full of clothes she selected for me that actually fit and were flattering was amazing. Working with Brandi made me see myself and my body differently, in a good way. I don’t know how she does it, but it’s magic.
— Stacey J., New York, NY
Makeup Shopping and a Makeup Tutorial with Brandi were exactly what I needed to rejuvenate my makeup routine. She suggested new color choices that more naturally complemented my skin tone and respected my more minimalist approach to makeup! She encouraged me to try some new products, never pressuring, and ensured her recommendations aligned with my needs. Best thing – she pointed out where it was worth spending more money and where a less expensive cleanser or eyeliner would do. Worth every minute and penny spent with Brandi.
— Leigh Anne F., Wauwatosa, WI
In a dressing room, a place most of us dread, Brandi is walking self-esteem.
— Abby W., Baltimore, MD
Figuring out how to dress my postpartum self was a daily headache and I had little time or energy for shopping. In a single shopping trip and a closet edit, Brandi helped me build and tweak a wardrobe that made it easy to get dressed in the morning and had me feeling confident and even stylish.
When I got pregnant again, there was even less time in my life for shopping for maternity clothes. Brandi sourced clothes, did a ton of on-line shopping, and then came to my house to help me pick and choose what worked. The convenience was indispensable.
Brandi really understands the wardrobe challenges of a pregnant and new mom; I was amazed at how many outfits she was able to assemble from clothes that weren’t specifically maternity. She made sure I’d have a wardrobe that worked through all stages of pregnancy, postpartum, nursing and beyond. I can’t think of a higher testament to her skills than that I was 9 months pregnant in August in New York and when I reached into my closet in the morning I consistently pulled out something easy to wear that made me feel great.
I highly recommend Brandi’s styling services for everyone, but perhaps most of all for pregnant ladies and new mamas. I never thought of myself as someone who would work with a stylist, but spending just a few hours with Brandi helped me feel confident and put-together for months.
— Alison G., Brooklyn, NY
Hearing Brandi talk at a pop-up fashion event I had a startling realization. Maybe I could stop struggling to lose those last x pounds, and instead could be dressing in a way that flattered my actual figure. As Brandi shared the cuts, colors and hemlines that would be the right choices for me, I quickly realized that I had very few clothes in my closet that would meet the bill.
The next morning, Brandi took me shopping. And it was nothing short of amazing. First of all, it was a total princess moment – all these clothes? For me? Brandi had gathered outfits that were my size and met my requirements– casual clothes that would make me look put together, that I could wash in the machine, that could handle my young twins, and a pair of jeans that actually fit.
I not only bought a bunch of items that I’ve been proud to wear (and comfortable in) but I also have a lot more confidence buying new clothes for myself. Working with Brandi was a game changer.
— Coral J., Denver, CO